Ausa Telehandler

AUSA Telehandler -  Taurulift Line

The Taurulift line is the widest range of compact telehandlers on the market.

There is a range of six telehandler sizes available on the market:

  1. T 133 H (1,300 kg @ 2.7 m)
  2. T 144 H (1.350 kg @ 4.0 m)
  3. T 204 H (2,000 kg @ 4.2 m)
  4. T 235 H (2,300 kg @ 5.0 m)
  5. T 276 H (2,700 kg @ 6.0 m)
  6. T 307 H (3,000 kg @ 7.0 m)

While all sizes can be imported, we find by far that the most popular requests for users in Australia are for the:

  • T 144 H (1.350 kg @ 4.0 m)
  • T 204 H (2,000 kg @ 4.2 m)
  • T 235 H (2,300 kg @ 5.0 m)

Below we will compare some of the characteristics of these three most popular telehandlers.

Telehandler Specs

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Highlight on the AUSA T 144 H Telehandler


  • Lateral boom and rear engine position allows a reduced width to maneuver in inaccessible areas.
  • Front plate with a great swivel which allows a high versatility for handling loads.
  • Very low machine weight provides low tire pressure on the ground and reduces erosion.
  • Extraordinary rooming and ergonomic driving site that creates a good working comfort.
  • Front-chassis driving site with all round visibility facilitating the job and increasing safety.
  • Great chassis ground clearance combined with the 4WD improves the operation on rough
  • Patented 2/4WD transmission with advanced hydrostatic technology gives an outstanding
    dynamic performance to maneuver.
  • Rear counterweight fully protects the machine and gives maximum stability and load capacity.
  • The easy quick tach front plate allows a safe job when exchanging attachments.
  • The light machine weight makes its trailer transportability possible.
  • Cab with very low weight (1,9m) and the narrowest width on the market (1,4m) provides
    an extraordinary accessibility to any tight zone with limited height.
  • The real alternative to the compact wheeled loaders, but with higher capacity, safety and

Commonly used by:

  • Hire companies
  • Gardening / Landscaping
  • Plant nurseries
  • Farmers
  • Builders
  • Sawmills
  • Civil construction
  • Fishing ports
  • Fruit plantations
  • Winery
  • Outdoor events
  • Golf courses
  • Sport facilities
  • Red Cross
  • N.G.O.
  • Mining
  • Recycling plants
  • Small stores
  • Concrete industry
  • Road maintenance facilities
  • Farmers cooperatives (Grain storage)
  • Industrial cleaning (Waste removal)
  • Water purification facilities
  • Oil and gas wells (maintenance task)

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