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Electric vs Internal Combustion (IC)
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Electric Counterbalance Forklifts

Electric forklifts are the perfect solution for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other business that require a forklift for indoor use.

Engine counterbalance forklifts can cause unnecessary noise and fumes if operating regularly indoors.

It is also worth considering that the cost of electricity is much lower than the cost of fuel - and therefore the operating costs can be much lower. And with less moving parts than engine forklifts, they are more economical to maintain and repair.

Electric forklifts give greater operator comfort as they reduce fatigue due to less vibration and noise.  They are also significantly better for the environment.

We have 3 and 4 wheel models available, so contact us today for further information.

IC Counterbalance Forklifts

For businesses that have their forklifts operating throughout the day, the savings gained by using an electric forklift can often be outweighed by the downtime required to recharge batteries.

The engine counterbalance forklifts (also referred to as IC forklifts or internal combustion forklifts) are available in LPG, diesel or duel fuel.

These are robust forklifts and better suited to harsh outdoor environments, more so than electric forklifts.

In most cases, IC forklifts have a lower initial cost than electric forklifts.

Contact us to day for information on our range of IC forklifts.  As a re-seller of the large Enforcer range of forklifts, we have stock in Victoria, NSW and Queensland available for delivery now

All forklifts can be customised to meet your requirements:

  • Side shift
  • Fork positioner
  • 2 stage clear view mast
  • 3 stage full free lift container entry mast
  • 4th valve and piping
  • Long fork tynes
  • Lifting height from 3m to 6.5m
  • Solid or pneumatic tyres
  • Enclosed air-conditioned cabin
  • Dual wheels

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