When purchasing machinery, there are many considerations before making the final decision.

Whether a standard forklift or customised, this will often result in multiple phone calls / emails before you have confidence that the machine will meet your needs.

We have built this custom form to make your purchasing experience as quick and informative as possible.

With a few simple selections, you can tell us exactly what you're looking for.

*Note on rough terrain forklifts:
Used rough terrain forklifts can be difficult to come across.  Due to demand they will often be sold within a day or two of coming on the market.  It would be very rare to see a decent quality used rough terrain on the market under $28,000.

**Compare Ground Clearance & Other Key Specifications When Choosing Between A Standard Forklift & A Rough Terrain Forklift (Enforcer Brand)


Ausa Telehandler T 144 H

Please note that customised machines may have a longer lead time, as we will place an order with the factory to build to your requirements.

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