Q. I’ve not purchased a forklift through you before – why now?

  • We give our customers the option to buy or rent their forklift, with advantages to both, depending on your business model.  Purchasing your forklift allows you to make similar (or in some cases smaller) regular payments, and you are left with an asset upon completion.  Whereas renting can; satisfy temporary demand, gives increased flexibility and allows for easy budgeting.
  • After sales servicingmaintenance and parts are readily available nationwide, giving you the peace of mind required when making such an investment.
  • You’ll receive the same or higher quality forklifts and other lifting and storage products and equipment that you are used to, for a lower cost base without sacrificing quality.
  • You’ll create and build a safe and efficient workplace.
  • You’ll be able to call on us to provide not only forklifts but all your storage and handling needs, saving you time, money and headaches.
  • We’ll provide you with the products you want, while putting time back into your life and money back in your pockets!
  • We can do what we do best (sourcing the products you want if we do not have them), leaving you to do what you do best, which is running and growing your business.

Q. Can I just get my forklift from a retailer?

  • Our company philosophy is: Price is driven by supply and demand. Value is driven by us. In products – yes, 100%! In value – no! Here is a question for you… what is value? Value isn’t what you pay for your goods. The price is what you pay for your goods. Value is what you receive in exchange for doing business. Sure, it helps that our lower purchasing costs mean savings are passed back to you – but that is not what is most important to us. The value lies in our before and after sales service. You tell us what you need, we source it for you. We do the legwork so you can devote yourself to your business.

Q. Do you stand by your forklifts and other lifting and storage products?

  • Our success is measured by your satisfaction. Yes. Our low overheads allow us to frequently visit the manufactures at their factories. We have a view on their quality control procedures, and their certifications. This also allows us to be at the forefront of any new product developments. Should there ever be a defect within a warranty lifetime, we can use our direct channel back to the manufacturer to get a prompt resolution for you.

Q. Ok, sounds good. So, what are the other benefits from doing business with Wholesale Forklifts Australia?

  • The more time it takes you to spend money, the less time you have to make money. Communication. Often when dealing with wholesalers or retailers, there are layers in the supply chain. Waiting for an answer can keep you hanging. But when dealing with us, you know we have a direct line to the manufacturer. Maybe you want a quote for another product, maybe a question or problem with an existing product. It just adds up to one less headache for you, and hopefully one more satisfied customer for us. Transparency. We will be upfront with you when asked for a quote or to source a product. The chances are that if the deal isn’t right for you, it won’t be right for us. So let’s not spend time trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole – let’s move on to the next thing that gets our businesses moving forward. If the deal is not right for you, it’s not right for us.

Q. Can I rely on the performance of the forklift brands you provide?

  • Yes – 100%. Our forklifts and material handling equipment are built with well known components. High performance engines made by GM,Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Yanmar, Nissan or Volvo. Hydraulic systems made from the Japanese Shimadzu valves and pumps (e.g., electric forklifts). German Kessler drive axel (e.g., heavy duty forklifts). Our product descriptions let you know exactly what you are buying.

Q. With your low overheads and purchasing costs, why are you not the cheapest on the market?

  • When making such an investment, we want you to have peace of mind. There are a couple of answers to this: We could offer cheaper forklifts and machinery built from lesser known componentry, but we choose not to. Your short term savings may result in longer term costs – maintenance costs you time and money! That is why we have chosen to partner with suppliers that are reputable brands, built with componentry that gives you reliability and peace of mind. It is important to note, that there are brands out there that have not been manufactured with the same quality control or R&D teams backing their production. The products have been built with local Chinese components. I don’t think it is an insult to their integrity, but all the manufacturers we found offer 2 price brackets: the cheaper ones with Chinese built components, and the forklifts and products like those that we offer. We will not offer you a forklift or any other product unless it has:
    • A strong manufacturer warranty.
    • Good quality control practices in place, regularly testing the products they manufacture before they leave the factory.
    • Been produced in a factory that has been independently certified to meet high health and safety standards. We visit our suppliers directly so we can see for ourselves their standards and practices. It also gives us a close relationship with the manufacturers should you or any of our clients ever need assistance.

Q. This all sounds good, but can I afford it on my budget?

  • While we would love to jump in and say “Yes – 100%”, that is directly against our “Not a Salesman” philosophy, and in addition, we have no idea of what type of forklifts you need or want at this stage. We need you to tell us what you want for your business to operate safely, efficiently, and to grow. From there, we can give you all the facts, the pros, cons and benefits in a transparent manner so you can make your own decision from there. Additionally, you may be renting the forklifts and other storage or pallet jacks, reach stackers and other lifting equipment we provide. If you are currently renting a forklift or container stacker or similar lifting equipment, it is important to consider the benefit of paying for financing towards a new forklift that your business will own, which will add an asset to your company and balance sheet.